Poster Session 4:
Health and Mortality

Friday, May 10
8:00 AM - 10:00 AM

  1. Effect of Breastfeeding on Infant and Child Survival in India: A Gender Specific ApproachArun Kumar Acharaya, International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS); Damodar Sahu, International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS)

  2. Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of Abortion in Rural BangladeshMd. Kapil Ahmed, ICDDR,B: Centre for Health and Population Research

  3. Socio-Economic Correlates of Anaemia among Children in IndiaRuby Alambusha, International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS); Kumar Premchand, International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS)

  4. Maternal Depletion and Mortality during and after the Childbearing YearsGeorge Alter, Indiana University; Michel Oris, Université de Genève

  5. Maternal Mortality - An Analysis of Misclassification and Underlying Cause of DeathSandra V. Alves, University of Texas at Austin

  6. Social Dynamics and Infant Feeding Practices in North-Eastern GhanaMariama Awumbila, University of Ghana

  7. Living Standards, Household Size and Childhood Survival in Africa: Evidence from Census DataAyaga A. Bawah, University of Pennsylvania

  8. Opposite Effects of Maternal and Paternal Grandmothers on Infant MortalityJan Beise, Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research; Eckart Voland, Justus Liebug Universitat

  9. Social Factors Contributing to the Risk of HIV Infection among Women in North India: Differentials in Levels of Knowledge Based on Sex and Levels of Female AutonomyShelah S. Bloom, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Lisa A. Patel, University of North Carolina; Kaushalendra K. Singh, Banaras Hindu University

  10. Social Class and Health Status in GhanaKwame Boadu, University of Alberta

  11. Age, Sex and Regional Patterns of Mortality in Canada: A New Perspective through Mortality SurfacesRobert R. Bourbeau, University of Montreal; Sylvie Martel, University of Montreal

  12. Childhood Residential Stability and Health at MidlifeRegina M. Bures, State University of New York at Albany

  13. Pregnancy, Delivery, and Child Health Care in Brazil: Does Race Matter?Sarah A. Burgard, University of California at Los Angeles

  14. Maternal and Infant Health of Mexican Immigrants in Chicago: A Comparative Analysis of Local and National DataMiguel Ceballos, University of Wisconsin at Madison

  15. Grandparenting: The Role Compared in the United States and the United KingdomLynda Clarke, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine; Linda Drew, University of Southern California

  16. Contextual Correlates of Mortality: Are There Healthy Places to Live?Jeralynn S. Cossman, Mississippi State University; Troy Blanchard, Mississippi State University; Martin L. Levin, Mississippi State University

  17. Health Behaviors and the Health-Wealth ConnectionJennifer Dowd, Princeton University

  18. Suicide in Lithuania: The Highest Suicide Rate in Europe - A Rare Case of Over-Reporting?Annette Erlangsen, Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research

  19. Fighting Families: Personal and Situational Factors Associated with Domestic Violence in Bolivia and ColombiaDallan F. Flake, Brigham Young University

  20. Collecting Salivary Cortisol from a Physically and Cognitively Frail Elderly Population: Problems, Pitfalls, and ProspectsVicki A. Freedman, Polisher Research Institute; Nancy A. Hodgson, Polisher Research Institute; Douglas A. Granger, Pennsylvania State University; Jonas Marainen, Polisher Research Institute; Joel Leon, Polisher Research Institute

  21. Insular versus Inland Mortality: Some Evidence from GreeceVasilis S. Gavalas, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

  22. A Synthesis of Various Traditions in the Analysis of Grouped Survival Data - with Applications to Childhood MortalityGebrenegus Ghilagaber, Stockholm University

  23. Life Expectancy, Adult Disability Life Years, and Disability Adjusted Life Years, United States 1989-1991. An Exploratory Analysis of the Variation by Age and Sex over the Fifty States and the District of ColumbiaAbdelhani Guend, University of Wisconsin at Madison; Karen Swallen, University of Wisconsin at Madison; David Kindig, University of Wisconsin at Madison

  24. Gender and Age-Related Differences in Cortisol Response Patterns to Cognitive ChallengesLauren Hale, Princeton University; Burton Singer, Princeton University; Margie E. Lachman, Brandeis University; Lisa M. Miller, Brandeis University

  25. Mortality in the Older U.S. PopulationDonna L. Hoyert, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

  26. Occupational Standing and Occupational Differentials in Cognitive AbilityMin-Hsiung Huang, Academia Sinica

  27. Perceived Morbidity and Disability Levels among Older EgyptiansZeinab Khadr, American University in Cairo

  28. The Well Established Expanded Programme on Immunization (EPI) in Bangladesh, Urban Issues at Stake (Delivery, Accountability and Quality)Suhaila H. Khan, Tulane University; Mahmud Khan, Tulane University

  29. The Uncertainty of Mortality Developments in Bulgaria and Russia: Application of the Lee-Carter Model for Forecasting MortalityIliana Kohler, Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research

  30. Death, Disabilities, and Marriage: Marital Status Specific Health Expectancy in JapanRyuichi Komatsu, National Institute of Population and Social Security Research, Japan; Yasuhiko Saito, Nihon University

  31. Childhood Conditions and Health in Later Adulthood among Chinese-Born Immigrants to the U.S.Diane S. Lauderdale, University of Chicago; Victoria Kuohung, Chinese American Service League; Marshall H. Chin, University of Chicago

  32. Disability Patterns for U.S. Nursing Home Residents over Two Decades: Findings from the 1973 to 1997 National Nursing Home SurveysYongyi Li, Duke University; Elizabeth H. Corder, Duke University; Larry S. Corder, Duke University; Vicki Lamb, Duke University

  33. Investment in Infants' Health: The Case of Secondhand Smoke ExposureTsui-Fang Lin, Cornell University; Donald Kenkel, Cornell University

  34. Infant Mortality in Vietnam's Red River DeltaRatna M. Magarati, University of Washington

  35. The Multistate Smoking Status Life TableAbdullah A. Mamun, University of Groningen; Anna Peeters, Erasmus University; Luc Bonnuex, Erasmus University

  36. Intra-Household Patterns of Investment in Health: The Roles of Sex, Wage Employment, and Female Status in Urban BangladeshSangeeta Mookherji, Johns Hopkins University

  37. Direct Estimation of Adult Mortality in a Developing CountrySalut Salahudin Muhidin, University of Groningen

  38. The Effects of Gender and Pubertal Development on Adolescent Well-BeingBelinda L. Needham, University of Texas at Austin

  39. The Effect of Household Size and Composition on Infant Mortality in South AfricaNompumelelo Nzimande, University of Natal

  40. Disability among Older Women and Men in Fiji: Concerns for the FutureSela Panapasa, University of Michigan

  41. Causes of Death in Greater Mumbai, IndiaSulabha Parasuraman, International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS)

  42. The Impact of Child Disability on Fertility Decisions in the FamilyJennifer M. Park, Brown University

  43. Neighborhood Economic Characteristics and Health of Older Mexican AmericansKushang V. Patel, University of Texas; Laura L. Rudkin-Miniot, University of Texas; Karl Eschbach, University of Texas

  44. Convergence of Health Inequalities in Later Life: The Impact of Changes in Functional StatusErin B. Reidy, University of Michigan

  45. Self-Reported Health and Adult Mortality Risk: An Analysis of Cause-Specific MortalityMaureen Reindl, University of Texas at Austin; Robert A. Hummer, University of Texas at Austin; Isaac Eberstein, Florida State University; Charles Nam, Florida State University

  46. The Consequences of Disability in the Family Disability for Children's Health and Well-BeingMichelle L. Rogers, Brown University; Dennis Hogan, Brown University; Kelly Holder, Brown University

  47. Enclosure and Neonatal Mortality in EnglandJona Schellekens, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

  48. Is Retirement Migration Really a Boon to Local Economies?William J. Serow, Florida State University

  49. Emerging Preventable Diseases and Infant and Child Mortality in IndiaSrinivasan Soundararajan, International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS)

  50. A Mother's Role: What Is the Influence of Child Disability on Mother's Gender Role Attitudes?Carrie E. Spearin, Brown University

  51. Variations in Male-Female Ratios in the United StatesRenee E. Spraggins, U.S. Census Bureau; Jesse McKinnon, U.S. Census Bureau

  52. Maternal Mortality: Why Is It Still Very High in India?Sai A. Thakur, International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS)

  53. Barriers to Employment for People with DisabilitiesSarah E. Tom, University of California at San Francisco

  54. Maternal Education, Social Inequality and the Incidence of Childhood Diarrhea in VietnamThanh-Huyen Vu, Brown University

  55. The Transition to Adulthood among Young Persons with Special NeedsThomas Wells, Brown University

  56. Marriage and Mortality in the United States: 1600-1950Sven E. Wilson, Brigham Young University

  57. Is High Parity a Risk Factor for Infant Mortality? Evidence from Longitudinal Data from Matlab, BangladeshFeng Zhao, Johns Hopkins University; Peter K. Streatfield, ICDDR,B: Centre for Health and Population Research