Session 98:
Public Policy and Children's Economic Well-Being

Friday, May 10
12:30 PM - 2:20 PM
2nd Floor

Chair: Susan L. Brown, Bowling Green State University
Discussant: Marcia Carlson, Columbia University

  1. Returns on Investments? Public Expenditures on Children and Child Outcomes across the Fifty U.S. StatesKristen Harknett, Princeton University; Irwin Garfinkel, Columbia University; Jay Bainbridge, Columbia University; Nancy Folbre, University of Massachusetts; Timothy Smeeding, Syracuse University

  2. Food Stamp Benefits and Child Poverty in the United States: An Examination of Food Stamp Efficacy in Alleviating Child PovertyDean Jolliffe, U.S. Department of Agriculture (DOA); Craig G. Gundersen, U.S. Department of Agriculture (DOA); Laura Tiehen, U.S. Department of Agriculture (DOA); Joshua Winicki, U.S. Department of Agriculture (DOA)

  3. Accounting for Recent Declines in Child Poverty: Effects of Changing Family Structure and Parental Employment since PRWORADaniel T. Lichter, Ohio State University; Martha L. Crowley, Ohio State University

  4. Social Security Receipt and Children's Economic Well-BeingChad Newcomb, U.S. Social Security Administration (SSA)

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