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Session 94:
Climate, Water and Health

Wednesday, December 2
4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
Dorian 2

Chair: Delali Dovie, University of Ghana
Discussant: Delali Dovie, University of Ghana

  1. Adaptation and farm income: insights from the Savanna Region of TogoMikemina Pilo, Université de Kara

  2. Yevessé Dandonougbo, Université de Lomé

  3. Akotchayé Nanako, DEDRAS-ONG; Patient Coubeou, DEDRAS-ONG

  4. The impact of integrated population, health, and environment projects: a synthesis of the evidenceJason Bremner, Population Reference Bureau (PRB); Rachel Winnik Yavinsky, Population Reference Bureau (PRB); Kristen P. Patterson, Population Reference Bureau (PRB)

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