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Session 63:
The Power of Population HIV Impact Assessment Surveys to Monitor Progress in Controlling AIDS in Africa: An Introduction to the PHIA Project

Tuesday, December 1
5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
St. George Hall

Chair: Sally E. Findley, Columbia University and ICAP-NY

  1. Overview of the PHIA design: how the PHIA surveys will provide critical program planning dataSally E. Findley, Columbia University and ICAP-NY

  2. PHIA: a key addition to demographic health data: how PHIA differs from the DHSStephen D. McCracken, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

  3. The importance of PHIA biomarkers in HIV/AIDS researchAmy Herman-Roloff, CDC, Zimbabwe

  4. The promise of the PHIA surveys for African demographers: tapping into the potential of PHIA indicatorsKarampreet Sachathep, ICAP-NY

  5. The road map for PHIA surveys in Africa: how to stay in touch with PHIA survey processes and outcomesBlanche Pitt, PHIA and ICAP-Pretoria

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