Session 43:
Social Environment and the Gradient in Health

Thursday, May 9
1:30 PM - 3:20 PM
2nd Floor

Chair: Jens Ludwig, Georgetown University
Discussant: Jens Ludwig, Georgetown University

  1. The Sense of Control and Health Outcomes: Evidence from the Americans' Changing Lives SurveyElizabeth M. Armstrong, Princeton University; James S. House, University of Michigan

  2. An Evaluation of the Effect of Participation in the Food Stamp Program on Future MortalityPatrick M. Krueger, University of Colorado at Boulder; Richard G. Rogers, University of Colorado; Cristobal Ridao-Cano, University of Colorado at Boulder

  3. Income and Health Dynamics in Vietnam: Poverty Reductions, Increased Health InequalityThang M. Nguyen, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Barry M. Popkin, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

  4. Procedural Justice, Distributive Justice, and the SES Gradient in HealthLaura L. Rudkin-Miniot, University of Texas; Kushang V. Patel, University of Texas

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