Session 123:
Evaluating Census 2000

Friday, May 10
2:30 PM - 4:20 PM
2nd Floor

Chair: Mark Mather, Population Reference Bureau
Discussant: Jeffrey S. Passel, Urban Institute

  1. Evaluation of Population Coverage in Census 2000: Demographic AnalysisGregory Robinson, U.S. Census Bureau; Arjun Adlakha, U.S. Census Bureau; Kirsten West, U.S. Census Bureau

  2. Evaluating Census 2000 Hispanic DataEileen Diaz McConnell, Indiana University; Betsy Guzman, U.S. Census Bureau

  3. Estimating Illegal Migrants Counted in the Census, 1990 and 2000Joe M. Costanzo, U.S. Census Bureau; Cynthia J. Davis, U.S. Census Bureau; Caribert Irazi, U.S. Census Bureau; Daniel Goodkind, U.S. Census Bureau; Roberto Ramirez, U.S. Census Bureau

  4. The Contribution of Unauthorized and Legal Mexican Immigrants to the Census Undercount in Los Angeles CountyEnrico A. Marcelli, University of Massachusetts; Paul M. Ong, University of California at Los Angeles

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